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Mom's 83rd Birthday - February 18, 2010

Party at 10 am at Elm Crest

Lunch at HGCC at noon

Cake for the Sweet 16 at 3:30

Mom and Janelle

Mom recognizes Mary O'Bryan

Mom and Ruth Dineson

Tracy, Scott, Kaitlynn & Christen

Tony Hough

Glen French, Sharon Petersen

Rosalie French, Bonnie & Don Petersen
and Glen French

Scott, Kaitlynn & Mom

Phyllis & Cliff Hansen,
Virgil C and Big Don

Phyllis Hanson, Virgil Christensen,
? and Don Norgaard

Mom and American Legion Ladies

Ruth Dineson, Lucille Paulsen, Elinor Allen

Docia Linde and Lillian

Elinor Allen, Connie McDermott
pushing Delta Wuiff

Betty Markham with Mom

Bev Jensen

Mickey and Betty

Bev, Crystal, Janelle & Robert

Bev and Crystal

Bev and Crystal

Old and Dear Friends

Whitey, Sharon & Joyce

Bev and Christen

Christen, Tracy,
Kaitlynn & Scott

Mom open's Bev and
Crystal's gift