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Koobs Family

This page is dedicated especially to Aunt Maxine and Uncle Jerry; but also to Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Harvey, Aunt Irene, Uncle Lester, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Phil.
They all left us much to early.

Aunt Maxine
Maxine Koobs Sietsema

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Margaret, Roger, Alice, Claire, Patty, Jack
ABOVE:  Margaret, Roger, Alice, Claire, Patty, Jack

Uncle Jerry
Gerald Alan Koobs

The Koobs Children a while ago.....
Back Row:  Claire, Roger, Jack, Jerry (oldest to youngest)
Front Row:
Patti, Margaret, Alice, Maxine (oldest to youngest)

Sitting:  Patty, Margaret, Grandma Clarice, Grandpa William, Alice (Mom), Maxine

Standing:  Roger, Jack, Jerry, Claire

Wilhelm Koobs Family
Wilhelm Koobs Family
Grandpa Koobs Center, First Row

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William & Clarice Koobs Family
BACK ROW:  Grandma Clarice, Claire, Grandpa Bill
SECOND ROW:  Maxine, Alice, Margaret, & Patti
THIRD ROW:  Jack, Roger
KNAPPING (sitting):  Jerry

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