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Korean Conflict Medallion Award Ceremony
July 14, 2001

Mom and I submitted an application for Dad to receive recognition for his service in the Korean Conflict.  Dad served on the USS Diphda in Korea.  The celebration was held at the Southwest Iowa Arts Center, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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Mom after medal awarded.
After Medal awarded
Mom is awarded medal on Dad's behalf...
Medal being awarded...
Koren - then & Now
Sign out front
MomandMe.jpg (43430 bytes)
Ruthanne & Alice
After the big event. 
MomNewFriends.jpg (37601 bytes)
Mom and her new friends, The Ruffcorns and Mrs. Stolz
MomJustGotIn_SMALL.jpg (28869 bytes)
Just got in...
MrsStolz.jpg (18234 bytes)
Mrs. Stolz gets her husband's medal
MomsFriends_SMALL.jpg (24021 bytes)
The Ruffcorns and Mrs. Stolz